Star of Bombay 70cl

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Star of Bombay is the super premium gin from the Bombay Sapphire distillery. A quintessentially refined gin, slow distilled in single batches by the Master Distiller at the new state-of the art Laverstoke Distillery. Slowing down of the vapour infusion process gives increased extraction of the essential oils and flavours of the botanicals for increased richness and complexity. It also provides a delicate body and a lingering finish unusual for a gin. The Star of Bombay is personally crafted by Bombay''s master distiller by personally nosing the distillation process from start to finish. Distilled at 47.5%, the optimal cut where all the botanicals come together in perfect harmony for a full rich aroma and taste profile.

Distinctive and exotic, elegant and smooth. It combines the intense character of a London Dry Gin, with the delicate floral notes of citrus bergamot and ambretta seeds.

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